Tips For Choosing The Proper Golf Apparel

Golf ApparelJust like any other sport, golf requires its players to wear the appropriate outfit. Even though golfers don’t have to wear uniforms like players of team sports such as hockey, basketball and football, there is still a certain code to follow when it comes to dressing up.

Two major things that golfers need to consider when purchasing Golf apparel are functionality and adhering to the dress code.
A good tip for those who are planning to become frequent golfers would be to determine the particular rules and regulations that they have to follow when it comes to clothing. Different golfing establishments and exclusive courses have varying rules. It’s best to check with them before purchasing a set of Golf apparel.

Typically, what is considered appropriate for a top is a collared shirt –

This type of non-restrictive garment allows free range of movement. Cotton and polyester are great types of fabrics for a shirt since they are sweat-absorbent. The cut of the shirt is different for men and women. Long sleeves are acceptable for cold weather. Women may sometimes go sleeveless depending on the dress code of the course.

Now, these tops are offered at discounted prices at certain online stores. Those who are planning to play frequently will need several tops. Tops that are not allowed in golfing establishments include: sweat shirts, tube tops, tee-shirts and bikini tops.

Slacks are considered appropriate to wear by both men and women –

When shopping for bottoms, it’s important to choose a pair of trousers that is comfortable and durable. Many athletic brands of clothing offer active-wear that have been especially designed for this sport. Some brands offer slacks that are designed with modern fabric to wick away perspiration.

Other Golf apparel has been made with stretch fabrics which allow greater mobility. Golfers sometimes go in a squat position to measure how far the hole is from where the ball has landed. They are also constantly practicing the motion of their swings in order to warm up before teeing off.

For women a great option would be the skort –

golf-shirtThis is a popular choice among women golfers. Skorts exude the feminine appeal of a skirt yet they provide the comfort of a pair of shorts. The practicality of this stylish garment appeals to most women.

Nowadays, people who want to buy active-wear for golfing may do so online. The wonderful thing about this option is that lot of these online retail stores offer discounted rates for premium sportswear that are ideal for golfing.

For beginners, a pair of khaki pants is sometimes acceptable. Shorts are considered appropriate in some courses during warm weather. Denim jeans are allowed in some municipal courses. Those who come in this attire however are thought off as casual golfers. This type of fabric is not made from stretchable material so it does not allow the wearer full range of movement. Clothing that is in violation of the dress codes include: cut-off shorts, sweatpants, baggy shorts and cargo pants.

Choosing the proper sportswear is important for many reasons –

The type of clothing a golfer wears reveals to others how serious he or she is about the sport. Wearing the proper active wear helps golfers to be at their best because these garments affect the movement and comfort level of a player. Proper sports garments also serve as a token of sportsmanship and respect. By adhering to the dress-code, the golfers maintain the tradition and integrity of this sport. This is why most golfers invest in a good set of Golf apparel. Now, thanks to online retails shops, they don’t have to break the bank to get top notch good quality sportswear.


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