While competition—even in blogging—is tough, it’s no secret that we offer some of the best product reviews of Google Products. You see, people need reviews that don’t have prejudice. In short, people need to read reviews that have no blinders—and that would tell them exactly what they need to hear.

There are so many products that are being advertised on Google. The problem is, sometimes, people don’t get honest reviews, and thus, they get to buy products that they probably won’t even use, and so they waste money and effort.

However, with a blog like ours, you get to realize that we’d give honest-to-goodness reviews, which means that:

  1. We’ll tell you everything you need to know: from the name of the product, to details, specifications, features, and benefits!
  2. We’ll tell you whether or not something is actually useful, if it’s worth its price, or if it’s too expensive and won’t even do you any good.
  3. We’ll tell you what’s the best thing about a certain product—together with the worst thing about it so you can weigh your options and decide whether it’s good for you or not.
  4. We’ll make sure that we don’t support a certain line or company alone. Biases only make reviews dishonest—and that’s not a good thing to aim for here. We’ll make sure that you won’t experience disappointment from mediocre products—because with the help of this blog, you’ll know what you need to know—without any blinders!


Reader Reviews

Here’s what some of our readers have to say…

“I’ve been lurking in the interwebs for so long now, always looking for good reviews, but haven’t found anything close…until I found yogireviews, that is. See, this blog is everything you could ever want in a review blog. I often check the newest Google Products but the thing is, you never really know whether they’re good or not, right? But, with the help of this blog, I got to read the best reviews. I say “the best” because they’re really just honest—and you never read honest reviews that much anymore. Thus, I recommended this site to anyone who needs good advice on what they should and shouldn’t buy!”

-Lila, Lima, OH

“I used to have this habit of buying the first Google Product I see—and well, you could just imagine the amount of money I have wasted because some of those products didn’t work the way I wanted them to. So, I was really glad when I found this blog because they give honest-to-goodness reviews. They really tell it like it is! With their help, I get to know whether a product is worth its price or not, or if it would really work for me or I should just chuck it out. While most review sites tell you that every single thing is good, this blog is the real deal! Now, I save more money—and get the best kind of products while at it, too!”

-Caleb, Augusta, ME

“To be honest, I never really believed in product reviews anymore—until I found yogireviews! See, most reviews out there are not as honest as you want—because the authors are blinded by a thing or two. Of course, you understand them, but then again? What about your needs as a consumer? So of course, when I read the reviews on this blog, I felt better. I felt like my needs as a consumer were finally being understood. Read a review here, and you’d surely come back for more!”

-Tori, Newark, NJ

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