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Mudras yoga classes, retreats & products

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Central Coast Yoga

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Yoga Style Core StrengtheningHathaMeditationPartner YogaPrenatal/PostnatalRestorativeVinyasa FlowYin YogaAyurvedaChakrasPrivate / IndividualTherapeuticWorkshopsBeginnerPilatesMudrasVinyasa FlowReikiMommy
Teachers Lisa Janse, Mary Sage Syverson, Nikki Pool, Diane Deering, Holly Sigman, Robyn Rigoni, Dan Hall, Lu Taylor, Cindy Cleveland, Kathing Garing

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900 E. Grand Avenue
Arroyo Grande, California, 93420, USA
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Central Coast Yoga aims to make the practice of yoga accessible to everyone – from beginner to advanced, young to mature, limited in mobility to highly athletic -- and to...
Mudras - Unleash the Healing Power in Your Fingers

Yoga Style

Yoga Style Mudras

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Subject Self Help

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Price Range $50 to $99.99
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Discover the Amazing Power of Hand Mudras o you know about the powerful ancient practice of Mudra? It is the elegant tradition of hand and finger gestures. The symbolic body...
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