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Willka T'ika Garden Guesthouse Hot

Willka T'ika Garden Guesthouse

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Urubamba, , , Peru
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Phone (888) 737-8070
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Specialties: Ayurveda, Chakras, Mantra, Meditation, Mudra, Private / Individual, Satsang, Seniors, Therapeutic, Workshops

Peru's only yoga/healing retreat. Based at gorgeous Willka T'ika Garden Guesthouse. Magical Journey tours feature delicious organic vegetarian cuisine, healing spa services, ceremonies with authentic Quechuan healers, chakra gardens, and superlative guides. July/September 2009 departures, premium-inclusive tours for yoga/special interest groups—year-round reservations. At Willka T'ika you will enjoy the tranquility of nature abundantly surrounded by Andean flowers and medicinal herbs. Nestled in breathtaking gardens in the Sacred Valley of the Inka, Willka T’ika, ("sacred flower" in Quechua) was eco-designed as a modern spiritual retreat center and remains eco-sustainable. While morning sunbeams stream into the magnificent yoga studios, group participants may join a yoga stretch or meditate amidst surrounding gardens. Organically grown vegetables are featured in our gourmet, strictly vegetarian meals, which include delicious/nutritious protein-filled Andean cereals/legumes. Seven sacred chakra gardens for healing/meditation, indoor meditation rooms, solar-heated floral medicinal baths, massage rooms, and a crystal-bed healing room are available. Rooms are fully furnished with private bathrooms, plenty of hot water, and spacious beds with comfortable linens.

Magical Journey's programs benefit from years of living in Peru, published research on Andean cosmology, dependable/bilingual guides, and personal relationships with the locals. We offer unparalleled programs—visits to Quechua mountain communities, gatherings with authentic healers, meditations at Machu Picchu, etc. We take pride in introducing our participants to Peru’s authentic spiritual traditions and ceremonies and allow time for individual reflection. Please contact us at (888) 737-8070 PST, www.willkatika.com, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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