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3 Weeks of Yoga E-Course

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Learn Yoga Online with our groundbreaking Yoga E-Course.  It's never been easier, or more affordable ...

( You can learn yoga online, step by step, and be on your way to health and happiness in just few short weeks, with the 3 Weeks of Yoga E-course )

There's something that your yoga teacher isn't telling you ...

I bet you thought that yoga was a stretch class, right? Well, you're wrong ... sort of. Asana, or the stretching part of yoga, is certainly important, but it is only a very small part of what yoga is all about. There is a whole lot more to yoga than that!

But it’s not your yoga teacher’s fault.

The problem is that “yoga” can’t be taught in a “yoga class” … at least not vey much about yoga anyhow. How could it, with different students coming and going all the time, all with various levels of experience and abilities?

That’s why today's “yoga class” has been stripped of yoga ...

... watered down and distilled into mostly activities for fitness and stress relief. You’ll no doubt still work out some kinks in your tired old bones, calm your restless mind a little, and let go of a pile of tension that’s been weighing you down. Of course, these are all fabulous things!

But you’re still only touching the tip of the "Yoga Iceberg."

Yoga is a vast and comprehensive science for health, wellbeing, and personal transformation. It deals with every dimension of our being, from the physical, emotional, and mental, to the higher spiritual … all of which needs to be taught in a systematic, step-by-step, fashion.

That’s why I created the 3 Weeks of Yoga E-course.

Through 21 lessons, you’ll be guided step-by step through the remarkable world of yoga. Yes, you’ll still gain all the great benefits of your yoga class, such as eliminating stress, calming your mind, and rejuvenating your body...

But you’ll also learn how yoga can help you to find success in all areas of your life - be it career, family, relationships or physical health. Even on a spiritual level too.

Perhaps most importantly, you'll gain a better understanding of the many yoga practices that you've been doing in yoga classes.

Whether you’re new to yoga, or an experienced practitioner, 3 Weeks of Yoga is the right place for you to really learn yoga …

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