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Yoga Alliance International Certified Teachers Training Programs at SriMa International School of Hot

  Yoga Alliance International Certified Teachers Training Programs at SriMa International School of

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Yoga Style HathaIntegralKundaliniTantra

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, New Delhi, 110030, India
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Phone +91-9810670711, +91-9818196716

Specialties: Chakras, Mantra, Meditation

Swami Vidyanand derives inspiration from the Mother and Sri Aurobindo of Pondicherry, and his system of Transformational Yoga is based on their teachings.

The focus in Transformational Yoga is on understanding the nature of the 5 "bodies" ( or "layers of being", within us) and their connection with the five "pranas" and the seven "chakras". The Transformational Yoga system aims at combining asanas, pranayamas and mantra techniques to discover the spiritual being within.

Programs at the 200-level and 500-level focus on developing an awareness of the 7 chakras and the 5 bodies. Certificates will be issued by Yoga Alliance International (http://yogaallianceinternational.org).

Combining intensive practice sessions with unique insights into the nature of our being, this course is ideal for serious, would-be yoga teachers and dedicated aspirants. Programs will be held at:

SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga,
57, Street 2, Mandi Road,
New Manglapuri, Mehrauli,
New Delhi 110 030, India.

Fees for the 200 level Intermediate-level Yoga Teachers Training Course in Delhi: US$800 or equivalent Indian rupees
Fees for the 500 level Master-level Yoga Teachers Training Course in Delhi: US$1200 or equivalent Indian rupees

(The fees above exclude accommodation and food charges.)We can arrange accommodation and transport for you at an approximate cost of US$20/= per day. A kitchen will be available for you to make your own food.

New batches commence on the 2nd of every month.

Contact details:

Swami Vidyanand
Mob: +91 9810670711
Mob: +91 9818196716

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Wonderful Mental Force

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Many times in life we are skeptical about things we do not understand. Somehow Yoga fits into this category because not enough is known about this wonderful mental force of improving one’s personal awareness and physical well being. The courses are a comprehensive system of breathing with exercise, meditation where you can produce a healthy mental projection for your mind and body.

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