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Mountain Flow Yoga

Mountain Flow Yoga

Yoga Style

Yoga Style AshtangaPowerVinyasa Flow

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4105 E. Madison St., Ste. 2
Seattle, Washington, 98112, USA
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Phone (206) 380-2558
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Specialties: Therapeutic, Workshops

A new, clean, modern & sophisticated little studio has arrived in the heart of Madison Park. Mountain Flow Yoga offers the most effective Yoga practices for building mindfulness, strength, grace, stability, agility, weight loss, health & wellness. We bring a team of Seattleā€™s best Power Vinyasa teachers to the heart of your community.

At Mountain Flow Yoga we believe that being fully engaged in our physical bodies allows us to calm our minds. Working hard while moving with the breath and directing our breath into the openings and heat being generated in our bodies allow us to be fully present to the moment.

The ancient Yogis created the Asana practice as a moving meditation to prepare the mind and body for the sedentary practice of meditation-today we engage in the Asana practice as a moving meditation to prepare our bodies for sedentary modern life styles, clear our minds from modern stresses and mitigate our attachment to materiality. Hatha yoga builds heat and prana that accumulate in the body. We finish our practice in Svasana and Suhkasana where the effects of the prana are realized.

Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds: the common thread we present is a prana generating vigorous flow. This is an amazing practice for anyone who wants to build strength and lean muscle mass with this intelligent and invigorating practice. Strengthen your body. Soften your heart. Clarify your mind. We assure you that engaging in this practice will help you achieve these benefits

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