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Eyes of the World Yoga Center

Eyes of the World Yoga Center

Yoga Style

Yoga Style Vinyasa Flow
Teachers Rebecca Foster, Tom Gillette

Class info

P.O. Box 2450
Providence, Rhode Island, 02906, USA
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Phone (401) 295-5002
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Specialties: Meditation

What our students say:

"Now that I have to leave Providence, it is difficult not to be unduly attached to Eyes of the World; your space, style, flexibility, care, interest, intellect, personality, and genuine, earnest approach to yoga are matchless."—Leslie Kinsey

"I cannot express emphatically enough how profoundly joyful and challenging, exciting, and inspiring my experiences in your classes have been over the last few years."—Rachael Bedard

Eyes of the World classes are "so all-encompassing, touching upon the intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of yoga. So well-rounded and thorough."—Abby Test

"Dear prospective student: Are you about to study with Tom Gillette? How lucky you are."—Robin Strasser

"[Going to Eyes,] you will amass an extensive body of knowledge and grow in ways you never imagined."—Manya Rubenstein

"I learned to see unity where I once saw diversity in myself and others."—Lesley Deslauniers

"You will gain invaluable knowledge, insight, personal connections, not to mention connection to the Universal Consciousness, and your life will be changed for the better."—Susan Browne

"You will learn gold, glow in the love of each other, and know how much you are love, truth, and goodness."—Peter Miller

"This was a life-changing experience."—Michael Rich

"You are changing the world in a beautiful way."—Emilie Lee

"Are you ready for change? Are you ready for fun? Can you let go? If so, then you are ready for Eyes of the World."—Maryellen Fowler

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