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Self-Treatment for Back Pain & Sciatica Featured Hot

Self-Treatment for Back Pain & Sciatica

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What if You Knew the Secret to Getting Long Lasting Relief From Your Back Pain or Sciatica Without Having to Leave Home?

Despite your best efforts to get pain free, have you ever wondered why it hasn't happened yet? Well the good news is you're in the right place for the answer, the only place.

If you would like to find out how the world's best back pain therapist's give their patient's fast effective relief ….. and ….. use those same methods to achieve these results for yourself….. then this will be the most exciting message you have ever read.

Here's why….

For hundreds of years a little known therapy, originating in Japan , has been practiced by a very select few practitioners who have been….

Astounding Doctors With the Results They Have Been Able to Achieve For Chronic Pain Sufferers.

John Guttenbeil was the first person outside a very traditional Japanese family to be trained in a unique form of bodywork in 1938. He was a ‘Rough Diamond’ who started his life out tough during the second World War in the south pacific, with a German father and Tongan mother. His teacher was a Japanese man whose family had passed down the secret healing techniques within their family, until it found its way into John’s gifted hands.

John spent five years training in every aspect of healing which at that time included delivering babies and setting broken bones, but most importantly taking pain away for people who were given no hope by the doctors. He once worked on a woman who doctors said she would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life after a stroke left her with a twisted face and immobilized legs. Within weeks John had her walking again and years later she was back driving a car.

Treatment of a crippled teenage boy got the calipers off his legs and another man in terrible pain after 5 back operations, took up golf after 10 one hour treatment sessions.

John became a legend to many and after moving to Australia from New Zealand in the early 1970’s he achieved International distinction with a diverse clientele including boxer Mike Tyson, business tycoon Kerry Packer, pop princess Kylie Minogue, actor Sam Neil, All Blacks, Olympians and other sports stars by the score.

Of course he always had time for the man in the street as well and regularly produced miracles for them after the medical profession had written them off as unfixable. The big question is: What was John Guttenbeil’s secret to taking away ‘unfixable’ pain and…..

How Can You Use Those Same Secrets to Get Long Lasting Relief from Your Back Pain or Sciatica?

Actually, the answer is simple...  (Learn more at the website)

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