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Mudras - Unleash the Healing Power in Your Fingers Featured Hot

Mudras - Unleash the Healing Power in Your Fingers

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Yoga Style Mudras

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Discover the Amazing Power

of Hand Mudras

yoga mudra smallDropcap Do you know about the powerful ancient practice of Mudra? It is the elegant tradition of hand and finger gestures. The symbolic body language of the mudras is used to vividly depict, and acheive, the specific states of consciousness that they represent. Mudras activate certain aspects of the brain and the spirit as you practice them. Every higher quality to which you aspire, every state of mind, every universal healing force, can be activated with its own mudra.

Mudras have been used (and often concealed from the masses) in virtually every religious and spiritual tradition around the world. It doesn’t matter what religion you practice, or even if you are not religious – suitable gestures are available to you.

The problem is that while anybody can mimic the finger and hand gestures themselves, it’s takes some guidance to learn how to really use them… how to release and apply their powerful potential. I did a lot of digging around, without much success at first, trying to find some help with “breaking the code” of the mudras.

You can learn to use your own inner power to tap into the same healing energy used by the greatest spiritual teachers of all time.

Unlike the challenging poses of hatha yoga, the power of hand mudras is available to anyone, in any state of health or physical condition. Many traditions of hand symbols are complex and confusing, but they don’t have to be. I’ve found a system that draws upon the best of the ancient knowledge and offers it to you in a beautiful package that anyone can follow and benefit from. You’ll get a lot of specific guidance on how to unlock the power of these beautiful gestures, and use them to change your life.

It’s time to discover the secrets of how you can overcome any obstacle, attract love into your life, and open the path to financial satisfaction.

Now, this is a premium package consisting of four mudra DVD videos, developed by  Harlan Kilstein Ed.D.  A lot of time and research has gone into making  these powerful practices easy to understand and put to use. But Dr. Kilstein has managed to keep the price very affordable. And of course, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can send it back for a refund.

It’s hard to find good information and specific, guided training about the practice of hand and finger mudras. I hope you’ll be as excited as I was to discover this program.

Click to get the details at the Finger Healing home page. Then type in your email to get access to the free mini-course. From there you’ll go on to the main page with lots more information about mudras, and the order button.

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