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Are Custom T Shirts the Future of Personal Branding?

T Shirt When people think of personal branding, they immediately conjure images of expensive clothing, wares, and gadgets, and many just give up before getting started.

But personal branding is as important as ever now, especially if you are in the business of creating your own style and being your own person in whatever industry you happen to be now.

We think that cheap custom t shirts are the future of personal branding, because if everyone relied on expensive clothing just to express their sense of fashion then not everyone would be able to do it. But with customizable shirts that cost $15 or less, this avenue of self-expression just opened up for everyone.

But what makes custom shirts stand out so much?
I. They can be extremely unique

From picture of couples to blow up faces of the wearer, custom shirts defy the ‘artistic rules’ of marketable shirts and are proving to be an independent force in shaping what people might consider as appropriate designs for shirts.

If there ever was a crowd-sourced source of designs for shirts, it would be the shirts being pumped out by entrepreneurs and by people who design their shirts themselves, because they want to carry their own images and texts on their shirts.

II. They’re inexpensive

You can get a custom shirt below $10, and have it printed and delivered to your doorstop with only minimal costs.

For branded shirts you will have to pay more than $10, and paying $25 or more is even more common. And instead of spending a lot of time trying to find the right shirt, you can just create your designs and have them all printed at once.

A little knowledge about creative design and image editing apps can go a long way when creating your designs for the first time. Just be experimental in your approach, have fun, and be as creative as you can.

Remember: this is for your personal branding, so the only person that you truly must please is yourself. Your custom shirts, your designs, should be all about you, and what you are all about.

III. They come in all shapes and sizes  

If you think that you can only customize classic short-sleeved shirts, think again: there are other kinds of shirts that you can print your custom designs on.

In addition to the classic, short-sleeved shirt, you can also customize polo shirts, long-sleeved shirts, performance shirts, hoodies, and even small attires if you have kids. If you have ever dreamed of printing family shirts, you can easily do that online, because custom shirt website carry a wide variety of shirt types.

Making Custom Shirt Designs for the First Time?

If you are making custom shirts for the first time, you may be feeling just a little overwhelmed with how to start.

Each design always begins with a message that you want to communicate with each shirt. So, let’s say that for shirt number one, you want to express that you are a rebel, and that you lead an awesome lifestyle. The message is “I’m an awesome rebel.”

This message will be your guidepost in developing the actual design. You see, it’s never the other way around: you need to be able to create a design around the message, and evaluate your efforts based on how accurately the design was able to convey the message.

The design is only the vehicle for the message. The same principle applies if you are printing shirts for promoting other stuff, like your hobby, organization, or business.

The second step in the process is brainstorming. Brainstorming is all about thinking of the possibilities.

How can you render your design? How can you make it more attractive and easily understandable to people? We highly recommend that you use a pen and paper for brainstorming. Draw as many times as possible, until something just grabs your attention and you have your “a-ha!” moment.

When you think you are on to something, there are two ways to transfer your idea to digital format. Either you draw it using conventional media or you draw it using digital software.

Either way, we recommend that you maximize the ease at which technology can help you achieve certain effects when creating original art. One of the things that we simply love with image editing software is the fact that you can play around with image filters and typefaces.

T ShirtAdding lines of text to shirt designs is almost a good idea if personal branding is your goal. Why? Because with words you can directly tell your viewers what’s on your mind.

Whether you use a single word or a whole phrase, or even two sentences, that is up to you. How you are going to lay that down as a creative shirt design on the other hand, will depend on how you conceptualize your design.

When you finally have your new design, don’t rush into printing it. Instead, upload it to the custom shirt website of your choosing and project the image to the shirt digitally.

How does it look? Chances are, there might still be some things that you would want to revise in the design and projecting it first before printing it will save you a bunch of dollars (and heartache) because you will have a chance to change the design before pushing forward with the printing.

Should you feel bad when something doesn’t look good the first time that you render it on a shirt? Not at all. The reason for this is that creative design is a continuous effort of improvement and the more you work on your designs, the better they get over time.

So just keep revising, keep finding that sweet spot when creating new designs and never lose sight of what you really want to achieve with personal branding with custom shirts.

Who knows, in a year or two you may be good enough to even sell your own designs online!