About Us

Honest Google Product Reviews—right on your screens!

What we Provide

Yogi Reviews provides one-of-a-kind, unabashed Google Product reviews perfect for everyone who wants to know whether a product is good or not. With us, you can be sure that:

  • You won’t read prejudiced reviews. We don’t work for anyone. At Yogi Reviews, we believe that our audience deserves only the realest, most honest reviews—and none of that overly-promotional reviews that don’t even try to hide that they’re promoting something!
  • You will be able to get only the best products. Thinking twice about buying that new pair of glasses? What about that new microwave? Well, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear: whether those glasses would be good for reading, or if the new microwave has better features than the one you have at home! And of course, we’ll tell you whether you can just use the old ones you have!
  • We’ll let you know what matters. We’ll tell you if a product has been priced right, or if you can go for a more affordable alternative. We’ll tell you if something works great, or if you can just choose something else instead. We’ll tell you how exactly a product works—so you won’t feel like you’re buying something that is not working the way it should!
  • You’ll see photos and complete details! We’ll let you see complete details, features, and photos of the product—so you’d know what’s in store for you. Then, of course, we’d accompany it with a review that’s so honest, you wouldn’t feel like all the products in the market right now are just out there to take some money from you!
  • We’ll tell you what you need to hear! No more blindsiding—with our reviews, you’d get products that are worth your money!
What inspired us

For a couple of years, we managed to buy products that were not in any way excellent. We managed to use them because we felt like we kind of did not have a choice, and that since we already bought them, we probably should just use them.

Then, we realized that we are not getting our money’s worth—and you know how hard it is to earn these days! So, we thought of checking product reviews online—and then we figured out that they were just rehashes of one another, and they couldn’t help us because of how biased they were.

So, we thought of what’s lacking in the community: and we figured out that what we need is a product review blog without blinders—one that could deliver the needs of everyone looking for a great product, and one that’s perfect for those who need to make sure that they’d get their money’s worth by buying only the best products around—and thus, this blog was born.

Why we made this blog

We made this blog because we know how it feels to be on the receiving end of dishonest reviews. We made this blog because we know how it’s like to look for products that are great, only to get mediocre ones because of dishonest reviews, and because we didn’t have enough money.

You see, Yogi Reviews is perfect for people who want to have the best products, and if the best is priced too much, then there’s always affordable alternatives that one could buy.

With the help of this blog, we want people to feel like they’re not alone; that they’re part of a growing community of people who know they deserve the best—but always felt like they weren’t sure who could give them the best reviews and advice about the products they’re about to buy!

With our help, you’ll never feel like you’re alone anymore—and you’d definitely get your money’s worth!

Only the best—because you deserve nothing less!

By reading our blog, you can be sure that you would no longer buy mediocre products—and get only the best things that you deserve.